Padmapriya Mani

- Practicum Coordinator, Yoga Coach

Padmapriya Mani, a certified teacher, trainer, and practitioner, has dedicated the past ten years to teaching yoga full-time. Specializing as a yoga therapist, she focuses on addressing lifestyle diseases, back pain, depression, and PCOD. Padmapriya completed her Teacher Training Course at Vinieyoga Healing Centre (VHC), guided by Lara Abiesheikh. Seeking further knowledge, she pursued an Advanced Yoga course at VHC. Currently, she imparts her expertise at VHC's Vinieyoga Academy and the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Chennai. Padmapriya's profound understanding of the interconnectedness between the body, mind, and breath is evident in her exceptional personal practice.

Dr. Nithya Sivan

 - Principles of Ayurveda

Dr Nithya Sivan is an Ayurvedic Physician with 12+ years of practice, both private and in a hospital setting. She has worked with Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Centre, a reputed centre in Chennai and is trained in a variety of procedures for Panchakarma in a hospital setting. She has wide experience in treating conditions like Diabetes, Joint pains, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Menstrual disorders, Asthma, Paediatric diseases, GIT related complaints, and Lifestyle disorders. She has a keen interest in Pregnancy Care, Labour Support and Post Partum Care and has been part of the team in Sanjeevani which conducted mid-wife assisted deliveries. She continues to collaborate with the Sanjeevani Ayurveda Foundation in implementing the Jeevani© Milk Scheme to eradicate childhood anaemia, for the children of the Government Elementary School, in the village she hails from. Nithya is also a mental health counsellor trained at Nibbana, who has undergone the intensive Integrated Counselling skills course. She has a deep interest in helping clients on their journey to be the best version of themselves, by meeting the challenges that they are faced with in life.

She has 14 years of training in both Indian classical music from Guru Seetha Rajan and Sri Narayanan and Bharatanatyam, under The Dhananjayans.


Dr. Shiny Surendran

 - Sports Nutrition & Dietary Practices

Dr Shiny Surendran is an internationally acclaimed sports nutritionist and is the first Indian to be certified with Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition by International Olympic Committee. She is a certified Level 2- Kinanthropometrist from ISAK New Zealand and also an accredited Sports Dietitian from Sports Dietitian Association – Australia. With her profound knowledge in the field of sports nutrition, she has helped 100s of athletes globally, both elite players who have participated in top International Championships as well as young budding athletes, optimize their athletic performance. With her specialisations in sports nutrition, preventive nutrition, Kinanthropometry and Nutrigenomics has helped high-profile athletes, celebrities from film industry and several individuals deal with a wide range of nutrition related health problems including competitive athletes and recreational athletes obesity, PCOS, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, digestive disorders, infertility, food allergies etc Shiny runs Art of Eating LLP in Chennai.

Dr. Sudharshanan Balaji

- Anatomy & Physiology

Dr. Sudharshanan Balaji, MBBS, received extensive training in biomedical research methodology, genetics, and stem cells from prestigious institutes. Dr. Sudharshanan founded the Clinical Cellular and Molecular Genetics and Translational Research (CCMGTR) Club, the first-of-its-kind in the world, at Government Kilpauk Medical College to bridge research and clinical application. With 18+ years of experience as a trained Bharatanatyam dancer under The Narasimhacharis, Carnatic music under A Narayanan, trained veena player from Kalakshetra, and Yoga practitioner of the Krishnamacharya Tradition, Dr Sudarshan’s research interests include the impact of performing arts on health and genetic diagnostics for non-communicable diseases. He is acclaimed for his research on “The Beneficial Effects of Ragams Shankarabharanam, Reethi Gowlai & Kapi on Fetal Cardiac Activity”. He taught music to children on the Autism Spectrum in Hitham and Neyam initiatives by Padmashri awardee Bombay Jayashri Ramnath and tutored students in Carnatic Music at Vidya Vanam, a school for underprivileged tribal children, with Dr. Sudha Raja. He received recognition for outstanding contributions in medicine, genetics, and research, including the Governor's Recognition Award from the American College of Physicians' (India Chapter), Republic Day Award for Meritorious Service, and COVID Warrior award. He is an elected member of prestigious organizations such as ACMG, ACP, AUA, ISSRF, and ISHG. Dr. Balaji authored the book "Training Manual and Resource Handbook on Decoding Mutations/SNP/Variants” published by Amazon.

Laasya Narasimhachari

 - Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Coach & Course Convenor

Laasya Narasimhachari is the Founder Director of RASOHAM. She is an acclaimed Classical dancer and an International Yoga Alliance certified Master Yoga Teacher (500 hours), has a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (400 hours) from the Vinieyoga Healing Foundation of India - Centre for Higher Learning in Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Vedanta. She is also a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach from CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute, London. Furthermore, Laasya certified in Primal Pattern Movements- A Neuro Developmental Approach to Conditioning and is a Certified Barefoot Training Coach. Under the expert guidance of Lara Abhisheik (Founder: Vinieyoga Healing Centre), Laasya has specialised in designing General Fitness Yoga Courses for Women, Children and Dancers.  She has had opportunities to teach “Classical Asana Techniques” in International Teacher Training Certification programmes designed by Vinieyoga Academy. Combining this learning with Paul Chek’s (Founder: CHEK Institute) philosophy and approach to fitness, Laasya has evolved her own distinctive technique for holistic healing, rehabilitation & recovery. Her fitness courses are well-researched and steeped equally in the traditional and the scientific. Her creative approach along with extensive teaching experience both in India & abroad, makes her a much loved and respected fitness coach.

Dr. Ketu Ramachandrasekhar

 - Yoga Sutra &  Healing Chants

Dr. Ketu Ramachandrasekhar  has his Doctorate Ph.D., SANSKRIT in Indian Epistemology and is a recipient of Prince of Wales Medal for outstanding Performance in University of Madras and was fortunate to complete his studies under to his Guru Vidya Vachaspati Brahmashri Goda Venkateshwara Shastrigal. He was selected as a Fellow for Studies in Neuro- Aesthetics and Indian Rhetorics by Ministry of Culture, GOI. He was a part of Academic Team of scholars across Europe on discussion of Natya Texts (with extensive editorial experience with the Abhinayadarpanam & Nrttaratnavali) and a member of Aix-en-Provence University, France Academic Panel. He is the Project Head at Siddhanta Knowledge Foundation, overseeing research using the Ontological Textual Mapping, and is also involved with Samskrt Theatre for the past 28 years and has acted in many plays produced by Samskrta Ranga founded by Dr V. Raghavan.  He has several research articles and books to his credit. His areas of expertise include Natya, Alankara, Trika and Nyaya.

Rama Chandrasekhar

-  Techniques & Principles of Asanas

Rama Chandrasekhar has been a long-term yoga practitioner, partner, and senior faculty at Vinieyoga Academy, following in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya, since 1985. She has over two decades of experience in practice and over a decade in teaching yoga. Her areas of expertise include Techniques and Principles of Asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, Chanting, Yoga Therapy, with special focus on addressing anxiety issues, sleep disorders, stress management, women-focused requirements, alignment and managing physiological issues. She enjoys building group yoga sessions for students of all ages, including specialized classes for those in high intensity training like dancers and athletes. Through one-on-one therapy sessions, she has helped her practitioners address their back pain, cervical problems, migraine, hypertension, and thyroid. She has conducted workshops and webinars on yoga for aspiring students as well as teachers – covering topics including Diabetes Management, Management of PCOS, Weight Management, Stress Management, Women Disorders, and others. Her qualifications include a Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) Institute (Chennai), a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Yoga Teacher Training from Vinieyoga Healing Foundation (Chennai), a Master’s degree in Yoga Therapy from the Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University (Chennai), and a certificate from Yoga International Alliance for having completed 500 hours of master teaching sessions.