Curating Unique Artistic Experiences since 2007


Curating Unique Artistic Experiences since 2007


Laasya Narasimhachari

Founder & Creative Director RASOHAM

Laasya Narasimhachari, daughter & disciple of The Narasimhacharis,  is the Founder and Creative Director of RASOHAM. Coming from a rich legacy of fine arts, Laasya is a third generation artist,  an accomplished Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancer, Art Entrepreneur, Art Educator, and Curator of exclusive, one-of-a-kind cultural events, with over 35 years of experience in performing and 25 years in teaching. She has travelled extensively both within India and abroad, facilitating workshops, seminars, in-house concerts, performative lectures, and has documented the works of several classical and folk artists, spreading awareness about their challenges. She aspires to empower artists to create work that is meaningful, sustainable and oriented to community, thereby creating economically viable opportunities.

Laasya’s contributions to the world of arts have been recognized and celebrated with the prestigious T. Balasaraswathi Award for Kuchipudi, Kalakara Kalaposhaka Sundaram Award of Excellence, Trinity Natya Ratna, and Abhyaasa Nrithya Vardhini awards. On the academic front, Laasya’s achievements are equally impressive. She is a double gold medallist in Economics, and a published Country-Industry forecast analyst. Laasya received the Tata Infotech Young Achievers Award for academic excellence.

Furthermore, Laasya is an International Yoga Alliance Certified Master Yoga Teacher (500 hours), Certified Member with the Indian Yoga Association with a Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training from Vinieyoga Healing Foundation, Chennai (200 Hours), a PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy from the TamilNadu Physical Education and Sports University, specializing in Yoga for Women & Children (400 Hours). As a certified Corrective-Holistic-Exercise-Kinesiologist from the CHEK Institute London, Laasya has conducted workshops in India, USA and Dubai as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Laasya is the Co-Founder and Managing Trustee of RASOHAM PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST. She also established RASOHAM ACADEMY in 2013, a specialized center for learning that focuses on in-depth training and Internationally recognized certification courses in Creative Arts and Yoga.

Follow her on    @laasya_narasimhachari

Srinidhi Nitin

Head of Operations RASOHAM

Srinidhi Nitin, with her unwavering passion and dedication towards Bharatanatyam, has honed her skills under the tutelage of Gurus Narasimhachari and Vasanthalaksmi for nearly two decades. In addition to her deep understanding of the art form, she possesses extensive expertise in curating and organizing art events for more than 10 years. Srinidhi brings a wealth of experience in successfully raising funds from diverse sources and working with various stakeholders. Her proficiency in environmental engineering and sustainability, coupled with leadership and organizational abilities  enhances the work we do at RASOHAM.

Sheetal Subramaniam

Head of Marketing RASOHAM

Sheetal Subramaniam comes with extensive expertise and experience in sales, operations, and brand marketing. Sheetal excels in building a strong clientele, effectively managing and mentoring teams, and evaluating product performance and market trends. Her exceptional leadership skills enable her to foster relationships, negotiate, and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders. Within RASOHAM, Sheetal has spearheaded innovative marketing strategies and successfully organized shows, resulting in enhanced brand visibility.

Sreedhar Pasupuleti

Head of Logistics RASOHAM

Sreedhar Pasupuleti is a seasoned IT professional with over 15 years of experience in well-known organizations. He currently serves as the Head of Logistics at RASOHAM, where he oversees the management, planning, and organization of all logistics in implementing events. Sreedhar’s technical expertise and attention to detail are instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of events, and his commitment to excellence has made him an indispensable member of the team. With his vast experience in logistics and IT, Sreedhar is a key contributor to RASOHAM’S continued success.