Dr. Ketu Ramachandrasekhar

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 – Yoga Sutra &  Healing Chants

Dr. Ketu Ramachandrasekhar  has his Doctorate Ph.D., SANSKRIT in Indian Epistemology and is a recipient of Prince of Wales Medal for outstanding Performance in University of Madras and was fortunate to complete his studies under to his Guru Vidya Vachaspati Brahmashri Goda Venkateshwara Shastrigal. He was selected as a Fellow for Studies in Neuro- Aesthetics and Indian Rhetorics by Ministry of Culture, GOI. He was a part of Academic Team of scholars across Europe on discussion of Natya Texts (with extensive editorial experience with the Abhinayadarpanam & Nrttaratnavali) and a member of Aix-en-Provence University, France Academic Panel. He is the Project Head at Siddhanta Knowledge Foundation, overseeing research using the Ontological Textual Mapping, and is also involved with Samskrt Theatre for the past 28 years and has acted in many plays produced by Samskrta Ranga founded by Dr V. Raghavan.  He has several research articles and books to his credit. His areas of expertise include Natya, Alankara, Trika and Nyaya.

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