RUCS 2012

Landscape of Emotions

Landscape of Emotions is a production based on the concept of “Ainthinai” from Sangam poetry, portraying a story of eternal love that transcends geographical and narrative boundaries. It is composed and choreographed by The Narasimhacharis.

  • This production is widely acclaimed as one of the most admired collaborative efforts in Chennai’s cultural scene, exploring the idea of unity at multiple levels.
  • It brings together renowned performing gurus and their students from diverse styles and schools of art, showcasing their expertise and collaboration.
  • The production celebrates the journey of five dancing couples who have united in life, love, and art, portraying them as the principal pair in the performance.
  • It seamlessly blends the classical and folk traditions through vibrant and colorful dances in five different languages: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam.
  • Over 125 dancers, musicians, instrumentalists, technicians, creative designers, and lyricists come together to create a visually stunning extravaganza at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai.
  • The event witnessed a jam-packed auditorium with a 1000+ audience. It was also streamed on big screens in the auditorium lobby and car park to accommodate the overwhelming audience. The live streaming attracted over 500 viewers from around the globe.
  • The event actively supports and promotes the works of Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (IMFPA), an organization owned and operated by disabled artists who paint using brushes held in their mouth or feet.
  • Participating Gurus: Jayanthi Subramaniam, Revathi R amachandran, Roja Kannan, Parvathy  Ravi Ghantasala, Shobana Bhalchandra and Priya Murle
  • Students of Gurus: Anitha Guha, Sasirekha Rammohan, Shivakumar & Sailaja and The Narasimhacharis (Kalasamarpana Foundation)
  • Dancing Couples as Hero & Heroine :
    • Kurunji – Shailaja & Shivakumar
    • Mullai – Renjith & Vijna
    • Neithal – Gopinathan & Sunitha Gopinathan
    • Paalai – R .L.V Anand & Jaya Anand
    • Marutham – Padmavani & Jai Kishore Mosalikanti (Kuchipudi)
  • The production received support from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India through the CFGS. It was title-sponsored by Ford and had Greenntree & SS International Live as associate sponsors.