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RASOHAM's Art Room Events

“From Process to Performance” ( A Monthly Series of 10 Presentations)


In January 2020, an inspiring concept came to life, giving birth to “The Art Room” series. The idea was to create a space to provide a nurturing environment, a space where connections are forged, ideas are exchanged, and our unique artistic perspectives are celebrated.

The Art Room was curated as a monthly series in the year 2020 and it was to showcase 10 young, upcoming and talented artists who had created fresh works of Art to discuss their artistic journeys “From Process to Performance”.

On February 29, 2020, the first of the ten performative discussions that were a part of “From Process to Performance ” was presented to a group of 50 dance and literary arts enthusiasts. The event welcomed the versatile dancer and choreographer, Karuna Sagari Venkatachalam. Karuna, being a Bharatanatyam dancer, research scholar, and inheritor of a rich legacy in bhakti spiritualism, poetics, and performance, explored an Akananuru poem from the Sangam anthology through Bharatanatyam. The session entailed an in-depth understanding and interpretation of the literature piece, with a focus on its metaphors and poetic references. This immersive process shed light on the choreographer’s versatility in making a two-millennia-old poem relevant to today’s audiences. The event concluded with a captivating performance by Karuna.

The 9 remaining events of the series were cancelled due to the pandemic in the 2 years that followed. The Art Room series was relaunched and rebranded as RASOHAM ART ROOM EVENTS (R.A.R.E) in RASOHAM’S  very own performance space, an intimate 75-seater venue in the January of 2023.