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Based on the concept of “Chatur Vidha Abhinaya” of Sage Bharata in his Natya Sastra.

Four stalwarts across four fields of performative arts delved deep into their own artistic journeys, each of these experts de-mystified one of the four aspects of “Abhinaya”, through 4  R.A.R.E performative lectures.

  1. Angika in Contemporary dance by Anita Ratnam (Interpreting technique and Innovation in body grammar)
  2. Vachika in Theatre by Gowri Ramnarayan (Versatility of dialogue in creative expression)
  3. Aharya in Folk Arts by Siruvanjipattu Seetharaman & V R Devika (Characterization through make-up, costume, ornaments in Therukoothu/ Kattaikkuttu)
  4. Sattvika in Bharatanatyam by Priyadarsini Govind (On establishing a deep, emotional connect with the audience that is at once stunningly subtle and profoundly meaningful).

EVENT PATRONS: Quidhaan, Shiuli