RUCS 2013

Pallaki Seva Prabandhamu

Pallaki Seva Prabandhamu is a 17th Century Opera composed by Shahaji Maharaja, the Maratha Ruler of Thanjavur, with great historical and cultural significance. It is written in chaste Telugu and features beautiful music and choreography by The Narasimhacharis.

  • Revived by renowned musicologist Prof. P. Sambamurthy, the Narasimhacharis had the privilege of being the first to choreograph and perform this magnificent opera in a dance format in 1996, in front of an elite audience.
  • This masterpiece seamlessly blended two classical dance styles, Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, showcasing the talents of second-generation artists who are disciples of top gurus in these forms.
  • The narrative was enriched with the traditional folk art of Tholu Bommalaata (Shadow Puppetry) from Andhra Pradesh. Shadow puppetry workshops were conducted for school and college students by expert A. Selvaraja, and selected students took part in the final performance.
  • A special preview show was organized for 150 orphans and senior citizens from Sevalaya, an NGO in Chennai.
  • The production received overwhelming response, with a full house of over 1000 audience members and more than 1000 views from around the world during the live streaming.
  • The Nataraja idol present in RASOHAM’s studio was painted by mouth painter Jesfer Pullikathody, a talented artist from the Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (IMFPA). Fifty prints of the painting were distributed as mementos during the event.
  • Participating Artists:
    • Aparna Chitharanjan – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Meenakshi Chitharanjan
    • Gayatri Kannan – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Uma Sriram and Niece & Disciple of Guru Padma Subrahmanyam
    • Krithikaa Shurajit – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Radhika Shurajit
    • Mahati Kanan – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Gayatri Kannan, Grand Niece and Disciple of Guru Padma Subrahmanyam
    • R Manasvini – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Revathi Ramachandran
    • Manjari – Daughter and Disciple of Gurus C. V. Chandrasekhar and Jaya Chandrasekhar
    • Manjira Sen Francis – Daughter and Disciple fo Guru Manjulika Sen
    • Sushama Ranganathan – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Nandini Ramani
    • Sumithra Subramaniam – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Jayati Subramaniam
    • Vaishnavi Poorna – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Ambika Kameshwar
    • Prateeksha Kashi – Daughter and Disciple of Guru Vyjayanti Kashi
    • Kavya Muralidharan – Daughter and Disciple of Gurus Madurai R. Muralidharan and Ch-thra Muralidharan
    • Satyajit C.P – Son and Disciple of Gurus V. P. Dhananjayana and Shanta Dhananjayan
  • The production was supported by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India through a production grant. It was also sponsored by Little Nathella as the Title Sponsor, and Deepam Lamp Oil and Green Tree as Associate Sponsors.